Thursday, July 3, 2008

First Session

Here are my sketches from this past weeks life drawing session at The Society Of Illustrators. I was amazed to see how much information some people were able to get into their drawings in so little time. The drawings here are between 5-10 min. There was a woman model as well, but I wasn't very happy with those drawings.

Warm Ups

Just to warm up this blog, here are some loose gesture drawings, from years past. Going back over my old drawings I've realized how little life drawing I ever did and even that small amount, a good portion of it was with people clothed.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Welcome to Figure It Out

Another new blog! Some friends and I went to a figure drawing session at the Society of Illustrators this week and while I was a bit trepidatious at first it turned out to be an exciting experience (and not because of the naked boobies). It had been many years since I last drew from a live model - close to sixteen! My good friend Dan Springer runs a weekly figure drawing session in Williamsburg and I'm embarrased to say in the two or so years he's been doing it, I've not made my way out there to participate. Having the session in Manhattan and having another friend pay the nominal fee got me a bit more motivated this time to go. I plan on attending again, but I'll make sure to get there earlier. We arrived around 10 min after the 6:30 start time to find the place pretty packed with no seats in site, so we had to stand for the duration. I was pretty rusty at first (and second) but it was fun to actually work from someone standing right in front of me, rather than from a photo or my head. to begin this blog I'll first post some of the older figure drawings I did back in my college days - I feel some of them still have some merit - and then begin posting some of the new stuff.